Claire Hourticq

Co-Founder of Madre Roca Patagonia
Hotelier and Professional Guide
Passion: burning energy in the great outdoors

Specialty: hiking and smiling
Languages: French, English, and Spanish

Felipe Sunkel

Co-Founder of Madre Roca Patagonia
Geologist and Professional Guide

Passion: understanding how the world works
Specialty: rocks and beers
Languages: Spanish and English

Why Madre Roca?

Felipe is a geologist and experienced guide. He's worked in Torres del Paine National Park for the past six years. Before that, he used to guide near his hometown, in the Lakes District of Chile, hiking up and down volcanoes. He also spent two years guiding, kayaking, and ice climbing in Norway.  Felipe's broad knowledge about geology, paleontology, and wildlife allows him to guide all across Patagonia. Guiding, but mostly sharing his passion for the mountains with people from all over the world is Felipe's favorite pastime, and what is better than turning it into his fulltime job?

Felipe and Claire met while they were both guiding in Torres del Paine. A traveler at heart, Claire was born in France but was raised (almost) in all continents, from Italy and Ethiopia to the United States. Claire also enjoys getting to know people from all over the world and sharing her passion for hiking and her love for nature. Moreover, Claire studied hospitality management at Cornell University and thus has a very good understanding of what is implied by outstanding customer service. Moving to Patagonia and working as a guide hiking everyday is a dream come true for her!

While working in Torres del Paine National Park, Felipe and Claire saw the flow of tourists grow and soon saturate the famous W trek. Why all go to the same place when the entire region has so much more to offer? Just in the park alone, there are many trails not often hiked which offer equally as beautiful if not more beautiful and pristine views! Felipe and Claire are true outdoor lovers, and their appreciation for the region and their will to conserve it has pushed them to envision a business that would expand tourist horizons in Patagonia and offer sustainable alternatives.

Claire and Felipe met through their passion for nature, and they wish to continue their professional journey practicing what they love. Together, combining Claire's extensive experience within the hospitality world and Felipe's excellent guiding skills, they decided to start their own adventure tourism company. Together, they aim to plan the right trip for every guest that contacts them. Together, they strive to deliver an authentic, off-the-beaten-track, and unforgettable experience to all their guests. Together, they love to hike, laugh, and observe the mountains. Come meet them!