Fjords Expedition

2 or 4 Days Navegating & Hiking the Patagonian Fjords

This time, our friends from Patagonian Fjords Expeditions will take you to the Moutains Fjord of Kawesqar National Park, one of the 17 parks on the Route of Parks in Patagonia. This extremely remote part of Patagonia is only accessible by boat. There, their specialized guides will take you hiking and navegating places that have rarely been visited before. Whether you are looking for an overnight stay or a multiple days trek in the immensity and loneliness of the Patagonian Fjords, come and

disconnect yourself from the world to reconnect with Mother Earth!

A unique feeling you can experience in this remote National Park while we get lost in its nature, being the only humans in this huge territory, plugged in and charged by the energy of the patagonian fjords."

*Your participation in this expedition will make you a part of a sustainable project contributing to the remote community of Puerto Eden, located in the middle of the Patagonian Fjords, and accessible by boat only.  

© Patagonian Fjords Expeditions
© Patagonian Fjords Expeditions


Get onboard and discover the beauty of the Mountains Fjord surrounded by the impressive Sarmiento mountain range in the Kawesqar National Park.

During this 2 days expedition you will learn about the ancestral and current history of this fjord, navigating and hiking off trails, while their local guide takes you to breath taking spots, such as Bernal glacier. Then, take a deserved rest in their exclusive Floating Refuge while enjoying a drink with millenary ice in the heart of the fjord.

Length: 2 days
Accommodation: 1 night in Floating Refuge
Departures: every Thursday and Friday from November-March
Rate: USD $1,000 pp

© Patagonian Fjords Expeditions
© Patagonian Fjords Expeditions


Go trekking off-trail from camp to camp and explore the uncharted Resi Valley while crossing the amazing Mountains Fjord, in the Kawesqar National Park.

In this 4 days expedition, their local guide will take you through pristine and remote areas with beautiful viewpoints over the majestic Sarmiento mountain range, where it is possible to admire its glaciers Bernal, Hermann, Kiara, Alsina, and Paredes. While exploring you will have the chance to learn about the different landscape formations and ancestral history behind this beautiful scenery.

Then, take a deserved rest in their camps and exclusive Floating Refuge while enjoying a drink with millenary ice.

Length: 4 days
Accommodation: camps and 1 night in Floating Refuge
Departures: every Monday from November-March
Rate: USD $2,000 pp

**There is a minimum of 2 participants, and a maximum of 8 participants for both excursions. If you are 4 or more, you can negotiate the depature days according to availability. 

For the ultimate off-the-beaten experience:

**MIX AND MATCH: all of our excursions are adjustable and interchangeable. Let us know what excursions call your attention and let's work together to create the perfect itinerary for you!