The following document is an attempt to establish health measures and protocol to protect our clients before the global Covid-19 crisis during the realization of our recreational and professional outdoors activities. As Madre Roca Patagonia, the safety of our guests is our greatest priority, and we guarantee to do our uttermost to deliver a particularly safe and private traveling experience.

The following document has been structured based on established health measures by independent agents in the tourism industry. We must thank Jacynthe Boudreau of Jass Puerto Varas in particular for taking the initiative to publish very well articulated health measures guidelines for adventure tourism, which was of great guidance while elaborating this document. All appendices and citations are listed on the last pages.

It is important to note that, outside Madre Roca Patagonia's procedures exist the MINSAL healthcare legislations as well as the CONAF set of rules and regulations inside National Parks. The measures mentioned in this document are based on the current governmental information that is to this date available and can be modified at anytime to continue to abide by the healthcare and national park authorities while the contingency unfolds.


Madre Roca Patagonia understands the existing risks associated with travelling and realizing touristic activities during the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, and wants to take all the actions necessary to provide a safe experience to its guests. It therefore guarantees to apply and uphold each measure and protocol listed in this document, as well as to educate and train their personnel to do so.

This document considers the outdoors activities realized by Madre Roca Patagonia in particular, but is also an invitation for other companies to adopt it and complete it with specific procedures related to their own activities.


Madre Roca Patagonia commits to implement from today onwards all the health measures described in this document to minimize the risk of infection for its guests and its staff. This implies modifying all documents concerning risk management, emergency response, risk acceptation waivers and medical forms. This information must be transparent and communicated to the guests before and upon their arrival.

The following preventive actions will be taken regarding payment forms, common areas, transportation, gear and equipment, and food and beverage:


  • Prioritizing contact free bookings and payments via internet, phone, or credit cards. If we were to realize a transaction with physical contact, the cash would get disinfected with sanitizer.
  • Filling forms must be done online, via email or phone, AND before beginning each activity


  • Providing signs and clear instructions for lines and circulation patterns in order to respect a distance of 2 meters minimum (see Appendix 1)
  • Providing signs and reminders of steps to follow regarding hygiene and distancing
  • Providing hand sanitizer upon entering a new building
  • Informing and requiring all guests and staff to disinfect their hands before entering the building and upon leaving the building (see Appendix 2)
  • Requiring all guests and staff to wear protective masks when in public places
  • Realizing temperature checks before there is contact between guests and staff
  • Restricting meeting spaces and/or entrance to limit physical contact between people
Appendix 1
Appendix 1


Appendix 2
Appendix 2
  • Inviting guests to use their own vehicle if possible
  • Encouraging private outings of family and friend groups or private retreats
  • Reducing number of guests per vehicle if they are not traveling together in order to respect distancing
  • Prohibiting the change of seats during the length of the use of the vehicle
  • Implementing hygiene protocol before getting into the vehicle and while onboard
  • Providing hand sanitizer before entering the vehicle
  • Informing and requiring all guests, staff, and driver to disinfect their hands before entering the vehicle (see Appendix 2)
  • Requiring all guests and staff to wear protective masks inside vehicle
  • Prohibiting the consumption of food inside the vehicle
  • Disinfecting thoroughly each vehicle after each use


  • Encouraging guests to bring their own gear
  • Sanitizing all gear before each use, in between uses, and after each use before storing, according to the MINSAL healthcare authorities' protocol
  • Informing guests of the sanitizing procedures
  • Facilitating the handling of gear by guests to avoid contact between staff and guests, giving clear instructions on how to receive it and adjust it
  • Tagging gear with guest names and asking them to keep their personal gear throughout the duration of the activity
  • Sanitizing shared gear between each use and before switching users
  • Excluding guests from using group or guide gear (first aid kit, emergency gear, radio...) unless explicitly asked by the guide in charge of the group


Appendix 4
Appendix 4
  • Providing closed and individually packed boxed lunch and utensils
  • Encouraging each guest to keep and carry their own boxed lunch
  • Asking guests not to share their meal with other guests or staff
  • Reminding guests and staff to thoroughly wash or hand sanitize their hands before and after every meal
  • Facilitating eating areas or stops in open areas to respect distancing protocol
  • Asking guests to carry their own rubbish until they can dispose of it themselves
  • Ensuring that all local suppliers understand and comply with the company and MINSAL healthcare authorities' measures and protocols for handling and delivering food
  • Conforming to the MINSAL healthcare authorities' protocols in any catering establishment, formerly checked and approved by the company
  • Abiding by the CONAF set of rules and regulations in National Parks
  • Complying with the "Leave No Trace" principle in the outdoors (see Appendix 4)


Madre Roca Patagonia commits to inform and train its entire staff to understand and perform the health measures and protocols in place and listed in this document. However, it is the staff duty and obligation to abide by and comply with the following actions:

Appendix 3
Appendix 3
  • Completing a quick auto evaluation form before going to work. In case of feeling any symptoms 48 hours prior to the start of any activity, the worker MUST tell the company and cancel his or her participation.
  • Excluding any symptomatic person every day before engaging in any activity
  • Realizing temperature checks before any activity and upon entering vehicles
  • Isolating person with fever or other symptom and realizing a PCR test. ANY PERSON WITH BODY TEMPERATURE ABOVE 37.5 DEGREES CELSIUS WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN ACTIVITY.
  • Reminding guests of health measures and protocols to follow before each activity
  • Verifying compliance to protocol, use of hand sanitizer and protective masks for guests, staff, and self
  • Wearing protective mask each time distancing of 2 meters is made impossible, as well as during close contact with guests or during an emergency intervention. Avoiding handshakes and hugs or any close physical contact.
  • Having access at all times to personal protection gear such as hand sanitizer, mask, gloves and goggles, for staff, self, as well as extra in case guests lose theirs
  • Washing their hands thoroughly with soap or sanitizer solution for 20 seconds before touching their face, right after coughing, before and after eating, and after manipulating items that are frequently used (see Appendix 2)
  • Maintaining hygiene measures with tools, gear, and surfaces frequently used
  • Respecting coughing protocol (see Appendix 3) and distance protocol
  • Ensuring group distancing to minimize contact of guests with other groups of people
  • Disinfecting all gear before putting away and before giving it to guests
  • Identifying gear with name tag for each participant to prevent gear exchanges, and thoroughly disinfect gear before switching user
  • Providing guests with a cleaning kit so that they can disinfect their gear after using it
  • IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT OR AN EMERGENCY, providing first aid even though distancing protocol cannot be respected


Madre Roca Patagonia commits to inform its guests on the health measures and protocols in place and listed in this document, as well as to facilitate all that is necessary to apply them. However, it is the client duty and obligation to abide by and comply with the following actions:

  • Reading, accepting and following health measures and protocols provided in this document, indicated by the company and the guide in charge of the group. FAILURE TO RESPECT AND FOLLOW PROTOCOL COULD HINDER GUEST PARTICIPATION IN ACTIVITY
  • Completing and signing risk acceptance waiver and medical form
  • Respecting social distancing of at least 2 meters with anybody that doesn't form part of their original travel group (see Appendix 1)
  • Carrying, wearing and using protective gear at all times including mask, hand sanitizer, and personal water bottle
  • Washing their hands thoroughly with soap or sanitizer solution for 20 seconds before touching their face, right after coughing, before and after eating, and after manipulating items that are frequently used (see Appendix 2)
  • Respecting coughing protocol (see Appendix 3)
  • Listening and obeying to health protocol dictated by guide in charge of the group


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