Sierra Baguales


Sierra Baguales is one of the less visited geological sites in the region. Have you ever found a fossil? This is your chance to fall upon remains or impression of prehistoric plants or animals, including sharks' teeth, petrified wood, and much more. You will wonder through wetlands, dikes, moraines, and rock formations that are millions of years old. Sierra Baguales is Felipe's favorite play ground, and he will make sure it becomes yours as well.

The terrain is irregular and very exposed to the weather elements: it could get very hot for Patagonia, so watch your water and your skin. Many short ups and downs among some flatlands. We call it Patagonian flat. Just like anywhere here, if you are ready for the worst, you will be ready for the best.

Difficulty: high
Time: ~6 hours
Distance: ~16 km (~10 miles)
Elevation Gain: ~700 m (~ 2300 ft)

Observation: getting water from streams is not recommended in Sierra Baguales, you must therefore carry enough water with you for the entire excursion. Sun protection is a must.