Family Blog: Paduchs in South America


We love to follow our guests blogs! Enjoy this read about the Paduch family's travels in Torres del Paine. Thank you Ann-Charlott for this excerpt and lovely description of younger Felipe!


Torres del Paine: Glamping in Patagonia

"I discovered that somehow I have become the weakest link in our family. I was really struggling on the way back, which partially had to do with the oncoming headache and cold I was fighting. But I don't want to make excuses for myself, I just have to admit that the girls have surpassed me. Maybe I should take up Adrian's advice and challenge myself, maybe with a focus on fitness training. As it was, I spent a lot of time at the back of the group and got to know Felipe a lot better, the senior guide who was guarding the rear. Felipe is a bear of a man, not even 30 yet but already the "boss of the guides" and operations manager of the Eco Camp.

Like so many of the guides we have met in South America, Felipe is absolutely passionate about what he does, he loves nature, Patagonia, being outdoors, showcasing his beautiful country and educating guests. He is full of facts about the geology of the park's mountains (tectonic plates at work and then glaciers finishing the job), its fauna and flora. As a treat he would share some of the heroic deeds and mishaps of his guiding life. Such as how he got his nickname 'Chaura' ... Once during an emergency gastro toilet break a strong wind gust pushed him over the edge of a cliff and he rolled downhill for about 9 metres only to land - pants still down - with his butt in a thorny Chaura shrub. He was bleeding everywhere and it took him hours to remove each thorn by hand. He was off work for half a week. Over the next few days we would spend a lot of time with Felipe on excursions and at meals and hear a couple more stories, some even more painful. He seems to have adopted us for the time being and we adopted him for Christmas as Uncle Felipe.