Milodon Darwini


Have you heard of the Giant Sloth that once inhabited Patagonia? This excursion will take you to its caves and around Cerro Benitez and Laguna Sofía. It will be like taking a time machine and being thrown into the ages when our ancestors lived in caves. You will walk on what used to be a paleolake basin, and imagine how the ice age carved these lands.

First is the visit of the Monumento Natural Cueva del Milodon, where we will take you through three natural caves and their respective historical events. Then, off towards a lookout in Cerro Benitez to see cave paintings left by the first nomads that populated Patagonia after the last glaciation period. Finally, you will arrive at a beautiful viewpoint overlooking Laguna Sofía and its surrounding snow caped mountains. Watch out for your heads when the condor passes!

Difficulty: medium
Time: ~6 hours
Distance: ~8 km (~5 miles)
Elevation Gain: ~700 m (~ 2300 ft)