Valle Francés


The day begins with a 30 minutes catamaran ride on the Pehoé lake, to start the hike from Paine Grande lodge. From there, you will make it to the Italian Campsite, and further into the valley, making sure you turn around at a reasonable hour in order to make it to your boat ride back on time! Otherwise you will be stuck in Paine Grande for another day... When camping may not have been part of your original plan!

The famous French Valley is renown for its scenic and ever-changing landscape. You will walk through the Patagonian steppe, burned forests, living forests, glacier moraines... You will pass through lakes and lagoons, hanging glaciers with their occasional avalanches... To finally reach an amphitheater of granite formations! Exceptional views guaranteed all throughout!

Difficulty: medium
Time: ~8 hours
Distance: ~17 km (~10.6 miles)
Elevation Gain: ~500 m (~1650 ft)