Pingo - Zapata (2 days)


Welcome to the land of glaciers. This two-days hike will take you to the feet of the Southern Ice Fields. There, you will begin the search for the Ichthyosaurus fossil, the hidden gem of this remote part of Torres del Paine National Park. In fact, this still-pristine area was restricted to the general public after the 2011-2012 forest fire that burned about 20% of the national park. 

Pingo - Zapata is not only about fossils. This safeguarded rain forest is rich in flora and fauna and reveals dramatic mountain landscapes. The trail begins following the Pingo river up to the Zapata glacier. You will cross flatlands, forests, and rivers. The terrain is very muddy most of the year. You will be camping in Zapata campingsite in order to approach the Zapata glacier. They say wild cows inhabit the area, so don't be afraid when you hear their mooing at night.

Difficulty: high
Time: 2 days
Distance: ~32 km (~20 miles)
Elevation Gain: ~600 m (~2000 ft)

Observation: You will spend night at camping Zapata. Camping equipment, porters, and cook provided. Muddy terrain all year around; gaters recommended.