Pehoe Lake


A day around Pehoe Lake will take you through several shades of blue, from a milky grey to a deep sea passing by a splendid turquoise. You will encounter lakes, lagoons, rivers, wetlands, and waterfalls. The 30 minutes catamaran ride across Pehoe Lake should be the most beautiful boat ride of your lifetime.

He who hurries through Patagonia wastes time.

After a visit to Salto Grande waterfall, a short trail will bring you at the bottom of the imposing Cuernos formation. The spectacular landscape will leave you breathless. The famous Patagonian expression says it all. This is the time to stop, contemplate, and take it all in. 

Difficulty: low
Time: ~3 hours
Distance: ~6 km (~3.7 miles)
Elevation Gain: ~50 m (~150 ft)