Off The Beaten Paine

5 Hiking Days in Torres del Paine 

Cerro Paine


This hike is an incredible opportunity to see the Towers from elsewhere than the heavily-traveled Base of the Towers trek. Summiting Cerro Paine will not only give you an imposing view over the Towers, but also a 360° lookout on the eastern side of the National Park. The climb is relatively long and steep, making it a high-difficulty rated hike....

Lazo Weber


Lazo Weber trek offers fantastic views all along. The trail is situated in the southern part of Torres del Paine National Park, away from the main attractions, allowing for a whole view over the Paine mountain range, and more. Here is another occasion to avoid the crowds and go off the beaten track in one of the most visited parks...

Valle Francés


The day begins with a 30 minutes catamaran ride on the Pehoé lake, to start the hike from Paine Grande lodge. From there, you will make it to the Italian Campsite, and further into the valley, making sure you turn around at a reasonable hour in order to make it to your boat ride back on time! Otherwise you will...

Situated on the west side of the National Park, Ferrier and Pingo are two off-the-beaten-track gems unknow to many travelers. Ferrier is an incredible lookout over the Patagonian Southern Ice Fields, and Pingo is an adventure through one of the last forests not affected by fires!

Laguna Azul


The last day is to relax... Enjoy a short wildlife hike on your way to the beautiful Blue Lake. Guanacos (Lama guanicoe in the picture below), Andean Foxes (Lycalopex culpaeus), Skunks (Conepatus humboldtii), Armadillos (Zaedyus pichiy), Lesser Rheas (Rhea pennata), and Condors (Vultur gryphus) are on the menu! From Laguna Azul, if weather allows,...