Paine Winter W Trek

5 Winter Days of Trekking & Camping in Torres del Paine

Sure the temperatures are extreme, but if you come well equipped and with the right mind set, nothing will stand in the way of you falling in love with this autral-most wonder of the world.

First, you will have the park all to yourself. Imagine a place visited by 300,000 tourists per year empty itself during 4 months. Less people also means more chances to make wild encounters. In effect, puma and huemul deer sightings are more common during this time of the year. If you like winter sports, this is your time, as you will be walking on ice and snow. Crampons are on the required gear list. Additionally, although the temperatures drop considerably, wind gusts do soften and strong winds are almost non-existent during the winter. Surprisingly enough, the sky is clear and the sun shines more often than not. These conditions are excellent for photography, as sun rises later and its light reaches the snow-caped Paine massif horizontally all throughout the day. Finally, low season means lower rates.

5 Trekking Days

4 Camping Nights

1 Professional Guide

Note: Let us know if you'd like to add in a team of porters and cook for a GLAMPING experience!


DAY 1: Base Torres
Camping Central
A transfer will pick you up in the early morning from your accommodation in Puerto Natales to get to the eastern entrance of Torres del Paine National Park. We will set up camp at the trailhead of the Trek to the Base of the Towers Lookout. Here starts the longest and most difficult trail of the trip: 11km up the valley to reach the lookout! Two steep uphills and a lot of patagonian-flat later, the view at the top will make you forget your sweat. And don't forget the 11km downhill... After a long hike and a warm meal at the campsite, sleep will come in easy.

DAY 3: Valle Francés
Camping Paine Grande

Now off to the French Valley! We have all day to adventure ourselves up the French Valley, between the imposing Cuernos mountain formation and the impressive French hanging glacier. Whatchout for avalanches! We reach Paine Grande Campsite in the late afternoon where a hopefully warm shower awaits us.

DAY 4: Grey Glacier
Camping Paine Grande
This morning we leave Paine Grande to hike all the way to Refugio Grey, a hut located right in front of the Grey Glacier. You will be hiking beneath the Southern Ice Fields. Breathtaking views guaranteed on the way there and back! Night spent at Camping Paine Grande.

DAY 2: Cuernos
Camping Italiano
We will be breaking camp in the early morning to hike towards the French Valley. Heavy backpack on shoulders, hiking poles in hand, we will understand today the true definition of what we call Patagonian flat. Cuernos trail consits of 17km of rolling hills. We will circumvent Almirante Nieto mountain and the Cuernos to reach Campamento Italiano at the base of the French Valley in the late afternoon. Setting up camp again. Beware of mice! Don't leave any food in your tents...

DAY 5: Carretas

Night in Puerto Natales

Early departure from Paine Grande campsite to reach the west entrance of Torres del Paine National Park. We will hike on a trail called Carretas up to the park's main administration building. Lighter backpack on shoulders, hiking poles in hand, Carretas offers 16km of flatlands going down Grey river, leaving behind us beautiful and imposing Paine massif distinguishable in the distance. The vehicle will be waiting for us near the administration, to bring us back to Puerto Natales.

OR Catamaran on Lake Pehoé
In the winter, the Catamaran runs on the 1st and 15th of every month. If today is your lucky day, enjoy your morning around Lake Pehoé as its colors change from the moment the sun rises till it settles on the other side of the sky. We will embark at noon on a boat ride across the lake where our vehicle awaits us to head back to Puerto Natales the same day. 

*Changes might be made to the itinerary due to the limited Catamaran services. In the winter, the Catamaran runs on the 1st and 15th of every month. CONTACT US with anticipation in order to plan your trip around these requirements! 

**This is the original W Trek... For those of you fully equiped who want to brave the cold and pitch a tent in the snow, we have what you are looking for! But this trek can be done upside down, inside out and under many different shapes and forms. It can be done in reverse, with fewer camping nights, with a team of porters and cook, or staying in huts!  For those of you who prefer adventuring from the "warm" comfort of a hut, check out our Winter in Frozengonia tour.

Contact us to help you organise your complete W circuit around the Paine massif in the winter.

***Please note that for the safety of all participants, the specialized guide has full authority to cancel or modify the itinerary due to adverse weather conditions, guests' compromised health, or any other unexpected event.