Patagonia Bagual

4 Days of Horseback Riding and Wild Horse Tracking

Discover the off-the-beaten trails of Patagonia horseback riding, and spend a full day tracking wild horses.

Horseback Riding Wild Horse Tracking

3 Nights in Refuge
+ Full Board

Specialized Guide
Private Driver

*Please note that for the safety of all participants, the specialized guide has full authority to cancel or modify the itinerary due to adverse weather conditions, guests' compromised health, or any other unexpected event.  


DAY 1: Estancia 3R

Difficulty: medium
Time: 6 hours
Distance: 14 km (5 miles)
Elevation Gain: 350 m (790 ft)

DAY 2: Horseback Riding

DAY 3: Wild Horse Tracking

**MIX AND MATCH: all of our excursions are adjustable and interchangeable. Let us know what excursions call your attention and let's work together to create the perfect itinerary for you!

For the ultimate off-the-beaten experience: