Jenny Pettit-Woodis

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Felipe is an incredible guide! The best! His experience, love of the land, knowledge of geography and geology, safety certifications, and passion for what he does makes him a remarkable guide. We spent 4 days in Patagonia with Felipe as our guide in 2016, and he truly made our trip. We left our experience each day energized and empowered for what we accomplished hiking. He can bring together a group of strangers with different levels of hiking ability and truly gauge a group so that everyone succeeds and has a great time doing so. From his leadership and sharing his love of hiking he inspired us to continue vacations centered around hiking and since then we have gone to western Canada and Faroe Islands...each time hiring a guide and yet always saying to each other "this is nothing like Felipe". He sets the bar to the highest level.

Grace Margaret

Palm Beach, Queensland, Australia

My partner and I were lucky enough to have Felipe as our guide in Torres Del Paine over 4 days. We have done a lot of trekking and have never had a guide more passionate.
Felipe has such an incredible amount of knowledge of the land, and such a deep love for adventure. Every single day we were with him was great, we laughed and chatted the whole time and learnt so much.
We still talk about our time in Patagonia as the best part of our year long time and that is hugely due to the fact that Felipe was our guide and ensured we had the most incredible time.
He still keeps in touch and we have sent all our friends who travel there in his direction.
We cannot wait to go back and have him as our guide again. 

Patricia Maeso

Houston, Texas, USA

I had an amazing time when I visited Torres del Paine this past April... Felipe and Claire were both fantastic guides. Their enthusiasm, responsibility, and thirst for knowledge was unparalleled. I would definitely join them on any trip in the future!!! I wish them both the best of luck in their new endeavors!!! They truly deserve all the success in the world!

Sara Gregson

Munster, Indiana, USA

I did the French Valley hike in Torres del Paine with Felipe. He was not only an amazing guide but a passionate and inspiring person. His love for nature and the beauty of the world is infectious and genuine. He has a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the world, and he is gifted at sharing that appreciation with those around him. He is kind, capable, and trustworthy. Anyone would be lucky to share an adventure with him!

Maj Capps

Silver Springs, Maryland, USA

Ha! Just when you thought you were tapped, Felipe is right there, literally, coaching your weary steps into energized pace. He is one of the guides I refer to as the benchmark. You've been to fine dining? He is the ultimate in customer service of hiking. Great knowledge of the area, and as we are all Mostly geeks that go to these incredible places on earth, he is also eager to learn, and easy to tell you he does not know about the specific thing you ask, but will have the answer the next time you see him. I only have 2 skilled professional Patagonia guides that I will ever travel with, Felipe is one.

Ben Schilling

Los Angeles, California, USA

I had the pleasure of hiking the W circuit with Felipe and Claire in June 2018. They were incredibly knowledgeable about the park, they were passionate about sharing the park with others, and they provided excellent guiding advice throughout the trek with regards to our pace, icy sections, when to put on crampons, etc. It was a great experience because we were still able to backpack, carry our stuff, and set up our own tents but we didn't have to worry about getting lost and Felipe and Claire were able to show us all the best spots along the trails to stop for breaks, take pictures, and spot wildlife. I would highly recommend!

Anne Mellino

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Felipe was our guide for our stay in Torres del Paine National Park. And he was wonderful! Not only does he have extensive knowledge of the natural landscape, he also is a very experienced hiker/mountain climber. He made sure we were aware of changing conditions, advising us to adjust our clothing and gear as necessary - so that we were never too warm, never got cold (even when it snowed!) - and telling us how to brace ourselves against the Patagonian winds. He worked well with the other guides who looked after our group, making sure that everyone was able to hike at the pace that suited them (including allowing four of us to hike ahead when the conditions were suitable). 

Felipe's passion for his environment, the stunning Torres del Paine National Park, is evident in the beautiful photographs he takes and the way he describes what he sees. This is an extraordinary part of the world and made all the better experiencing it with Felipe's caring guiding.

Fredella Weil

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Claire and Felipe are two wonderful, honest and caring people with a wonderful sense of adventure. I had the pleasure of spending two trek days with Felipe, the most memorable being a hike up Cerro Paine. What is really great about Felipe is his desire to share new places, off the beaten track with visitors. The day we had planned to hike up Cerro Paine we woke up to a fresh coat of snow in late September. We assumed our hike would be rescheduled, but Felipe assured us that if we were up to it we could still go. We were so excited for the adventure. Felipe helped ensure that I had the right gear and made it possible for me to still make the hike. While Felipe is an experienced hiker and could likely hike the mountain in record time, he is a patient guide and makes sure that we keep a pace that we all can keep up and would encourage us to ask for breaks when ever we needed. He is an amazing teacher and guide, proper hiking takes certain skills, and a certain amount of patience if non-experienced hikers are to make it up such a challenging trek. Through it all I knew I could trust Felipe with my life and I loved every minute of the adventure, at least in hind-sight. That evening we had dinner together and shared some hilarious stories. These two are smart and care about the nature around them. You can feel it in the way they talk about Chile and the wilderness they bring you to. If you are looking for something different and spiritually cleansing, I highly recommend booking some adventure with Madre Roca Patagonia.

Ryan Fox

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Felipe is the most knowledgeable and entertaining guide, geologist, and all around nature lover we've ever met! He made our stay in Patagonia unforgettable.

A year after Patagonia, we asked him where we should go hiking in Norway. He proposed the Lofoten islands, which we agreed to without hesitation. Thanks to Felipe, Patagonia and Lofoten were the two best hiking experiences of our lives!

1st rule of planning a hiking trip: Ask Felipe.

Vivienne Smith

Whakatane, New Zealand

Were in Patagonia March/April 2018 and had many amazing adventures
Our 3 days in Torres del Paine were a very memorable part of our 4 week holiday
thanks to Felipe and Claire.
Felipe and Claire are very professional and skilled tour guides, passionate about
Patagonia and the environment. They are both dedicated to making your time with them special.
Felipe and Claire will make sure you have a remarkable experience and age doesn't matter.
Best wished.

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